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Toshiba Dealer

Authorized Toshiba Business Phone Dealer

When selecting phones for your facility, you want to make sure everybody gets the features they need, but not more than they would ever use. You want your power users to have powerful capabilities, but there’s need to buy feature-rich phones for light users or drop-in workstations that will rarely be occupied.

Strata CIX Dealer

Authorized Toshiba Strata CIX Dealer

Toshiba’s business telephone systems offer the kind of versatility and scalability your business needs. Tailor any of Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ systems to create a pure IP system or a converged solution. So whether your business has just a few employees—or a thousand, telecommunication solutions from Toshiba fit the bill.

Toshiba IPedge Dealer

Authorized Toshiba IPedge Phone Dealer

The right telephone system gives you the power to increase productivity, save money, enhance your image and improve customer satisfaction. Whether your business is just getting started or expanding with new locations, communication is key to keeping your customers, employees, and vendors connected, IPedge technology lets you network multiple systems together to dramatically expand capacity and improve integration between decentralized locations.

Erate Dealer

Authorized Toshiba Erate Dealer

At schools, a secure and reliable telephone system is essential for communication with students, faculty and parents; and it is vital for emergency situations. Since schools are often comprised of many buildings, their telephone system requirements are unique. Toshiba, and our nationwide network of Authorized Dealers, can tailor solutions to meet your telephone system needs.

Toshiba UCedge Dealer

Authorized Toshiba UCedge Phone Dealer

Toshiba’s UCedge™ client brings unified communications to Windows® PCs and Mac® OS X® computers and Android™ and iOS® smartphones and tablets. UCedge works on Toshiba’s VIPedge® and IPedge® phone systems, as well as Strata® CIX systems with an IPedge Application Server.

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Toshiba Offers a Broad Range of Choices in Business Phones

Pure IP System

For a pure IP system, such as Toshiba’s IPedge® system or VIPedge® cloud-based telephone solution, you would use IP endpoints, such as Toshiba’s 5000-Series IP Telephones.

Downloadable Apps

With free, downloadable apps, you can use your smartphone as an extension of the business phone system.

Digital and IP Communications

For Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ system, which supports both digital and IP communications, you can choose either digital or IP endpoints depending on user requirements.

Legacy Digital PBX

For organizations looking to extend the usefulness of a legacy digital PBX, there are cost-effective digital endpoints, such as Toshiba’s 5000-Series digital telephones.

Analog Backup

For any phone system, analog telephones can be used for backup, ready to connect directly to analog trunks if the IP-PBX or IP network connection is unavailable.

Toshiba Business Phone Systems
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Is your small to medium-sized business (SMB) looking to upgrade an analog or digital business phone system to gain the advantages of IP?
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